There have been rumors circulating that Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal just got married to Grecia Munoz, an entrepreneur from Mexico. Sources claim that the pair was married a while ago and returned from their honeymoon in February, despite there having been no formal announcement.

The Hidden Wedding

Although Munoz hasn’t made a public announcement of her marriage on social media, she has quietly made references to it on her Instagram profile. Munoz is listed in her bio as a former model and television host, although it appears from more recent sources that she is no longer involved in the modeling world.

Munoz’s Relationship with India

Grecia posted pictures of her visits to several famous Delhi places in January, showing how accustomed she was to her new city. Her Instagram pictures provided hints about how she was adjusting to her “new life” in India by showing snippets of her exploration of Delhi’s cultural history.

Deepinder Goyal's

Deepinder Goyal’s Previous Marriage

Goyal has already been married once. From their time together at IIT Delhi, the 41-year-old entrepreneur had ties to Kanchan Joshi, with whom he had previously been married. But now that they are divorced, Goyal and Munoz are starting a new chapter in their personal lives.

The Zomato CEO’s fans are intrigued by Deepinder Goyal’s secret marriage to Grecia. The couple’s journey into matrimony represents a significant milestone in their lives and a new beginning for each of them, despite the lack of pomp surrounding their union.

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