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UP Madarsa Board Act Declared Unconstitutional : Allahabad High Court Takes a Huge Controversial Step - SirWiz News
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The UP Board of Madarsa Education Act, 2004, was ruled unconstitutional by the Lucknow division of the Allahabad High Court on the grounds that it violated both constitutional articles as well as secular values. Anshuman Singh Rathore filed a writ petition, which prompted the decision.

The ruling’s implications for secularism Under Scrutiny

 The Madarsa Education Act became apparent by the court to violate other fundamental rights and the principle of secularism as stated in the Constitution.

Madrasa students’ accommodations: Given the sizable population of these educational institutions and pupils in the state, the government was ordered by the court to place these children in normal schools approved by the state’s educational boards. It also required the establishing of new schools and the expansion of seats as needed.

As a result of the court’s ruling, grant-in-aid madrasas will no longer receive grants or other forms of financial assistance, which will result in their extinction.

Rathore’s Writ Petition Anshuman Singh Rathore opposed the Minority Welfare department’s management of these muslim religious institution at both the Union and state levels and contested the validity of the UP Madarsa Board.

State Government’s Reaction

The verdict is in line with the state government’s initiative to examine Islamic educational establishments and establish a special investigation team (SIT) to look into foreign funding received by madrasas.

Discussion and Disagreement Regarding Madarsa’s Extinction

Varying Opinions The court’s ruling has generated discussion; some have questioned how it will affect the education of religious minorities, while others have praised it as a step in the direction of secularism and inclusive education.

Issues & Difficulties: Proponents contend that it fosters integration and equitable access to education, while critics express worries about the possible displacement of madrasa pupils and a reduction of religious education options.

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