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Unyielding Tensions: Hafiz Saeed's Extradition Denial and the Intense Fractured Landscape of India-Pakistan Counterterrorism - SirWiz News
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Pakistan refuses to extradite the mastermind of the Mumbai attacks, Hafiz Saeed, to India, citing the lack of a formal extradition treaty between the two countries.

Hafiz ‘s Case of Money Laundering

India requested Saeed’s extradition on suspicion of money laundering; however, a spokesman for Pakistan’s Foreign Office said that no plans exist to pursue the request given the absence of a bilateral treaty.

Political ties

Notably, the Pakistan Markazi Muslim League (PMML), led by Hafiz Saeed, has put forward candidates for every national and provincial assembly seat as Pakistan prepares for the General Elections scheduled for February 8.

UN-Designated Terrorists

India highlights that Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist under UN prohibition who is sought in several cases, including the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. A few weeks ago, the request for extradition was sent, along with the necessary paperwork.

Prolonged Accusations

India has continuously raised concerns about Saeed’s actions and accused him of being involved in a number of terror acts. The rejection by Pakistan casts doubt on the neighboring countries’ ability to work together on counterterrorism.


Tensions between the two countries are heightened by Pakistan’s unwillingness to extradite Hafiz Saeed, the claimed creator of the Mumbai attacks.

 The matter is further complicated by the political factor—Saeed’s party is actively campaigning in the impending elections—and the claimed lack of a formal extradition pact. 

The persistent defiance of extradition by the UN-designated terrorist, who is accused of being involved in horrific atrocities, casts doubt on the effectiveness of regional collaboration in counterterrorism operations and highlights the difficulties India and Pakistan have in resolving common security issues.

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