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Unsatisfactory Justice: Sarabjit Singh's Daughter Swapandeep Kaur Demands Trial Amid Suspected Killer's Death in Pakistan - SirWiz News
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The assassination of her father’s murderer in Pakistan disturbed Swapandeep Kaur, who says the judicial system has failed to deliver the expected results. She thinks the involvement of the Pakistani government was done to hide the real reason for her father’s demise.

Swapandeep Kaur expressed conflicted feelings in a moving statement on the news of her father’s suspected killer being shot and killed in Pakistan. Although she at first feels a little satisfied, Kaur eventually views the deed as unfair and emphasizes the necessity of a trial to determine the true motivations behind her father’s murder. She demands a thorough investigation into the events leading up to her father’s death, claiming that simple retribution does not further the cause of justice.

Swapandeep’s Allegations Against Pakistan:

Pakistan is the target of allegations made by Kaur, who suggests that there was a cover-up to conceal the conspiracy that led to Sarabjit’s death.

Swapandeep Kaur’s misgivings stem from the tumultuous past between Pakistan and India, where claims of state-sponsored terrorism and human rights abuses have been frequent occurrences. Sarabjit’s supposed attacker was killed, in her opinion, as part of a bigger plot by the Pakistani government to stifle criticism and avoid taking responsibility for its crimes. Kaur doesn’t believe Pakistan is committed to justice and the truth, even in the face of criticism from around the world and demands for transparency.

Swapandeep Kaur

 The death of Sarabjit Singh in 2013 sparked controversy due to claims that he had been mistreated and slowly poisoned while detained in Pakistan.

The tragic tale of Sarabjit Singh’s detention and ultimate demise highlights the intricacies of Indo-Pak relations and the predicament of those caught in the crossfire. Sarabjit spent 23 years in prison after being arrested for spying and taking part in bomb attacks in 1990. He remained innocent throughout this entire time. His Indian family fiercely denied the accusations made against him, claiming that he had accidentally crossed the border while farming and had been falsely implicated by Pakistani authorities. Even though they worked nonstop to get him released, Sarabjit died as a result of wounds he received in a vicious attack in prison.

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