South Korea has decided to ban dog meat exports by the year 2027. This action—motivated by a recently enacted law—makes it unlawful for people to buy or sell dog meat for human consumption throughout the nation. Dog meat consumption will continue to be permitted, but infractions may result in fines of up to 30 million won as well as up to three years in jail.

Worldwide Criticism 

International criticism of the South Korean dog meat trade’s detrimental impact on animal welfare have been present for a long time. The new law has been praised as a major triumph by animal welfare organisations. It has, however, provoked opposition from groups that support dog meat, prompting worries about the livelihoods of dog meat farmers and distributors.

Decline of Dog Meat Consumption in South Korea

The consumption of dog meat in South Korea has decreased noticeably in recent years, with the exception of senior populations who yearn for more traditional cuisine. The terrible living circumstances, confined living arrangements, and general cruelty that dogs bred for meat are subjected to have been brought to light by activists. Authorities have been prompted to work with dog dealers to phase out slaughterhouses in traditional marketplaces as a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with animal rights advocates, President Yoon-suk Yeol and First Lady Kim Keon have been outspoken opponents of the consumption of dog meat. The prohibition is a symbol of a larger cultural movement toward animal welfare.

 Demands of Dog Meat Associations

The Korean Dog Meat Association has maintained that the measure violates individual liberties and ignores the opinions of a large number of South Koreans. They want a ten-year grace period following the ban, along with compensation for farmers. Questions concerning the harmony between cultural customs, individual preferences, and developing ethical principles are brought up by the discussion.

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