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Taliban's Remarkable Initiatives for Hindu and Sikh Minorities: Restoring Property Rights - SirWiz News
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The Taliban government in Afghanistan has started taking steps to grant Sikh and Hindu minority back their private land. These properties are being returned as part of the country’s efforts to remedy the injustices faced by religious minorities, which were taken by warlords connected to the previous regime supported by the West.

Acknowledgment from India

This move has been recognized by Indian officials as a favorable gesture towards India. During a weekly media briefing, spokeswoman for the External Affairs Ministry Randhir Jaiswal praised the Taliban’s move to give Afghan Hindu and Sikh minorities their property rights back, calling it a positive step.

India has continuously pushed for the establishment of an inclusive government in Kabul even though it has not yet officially recognized the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Furthermore, India has aggressively promoted unhindered humanitarian help to relieve the country’s humanitarian situation and has underlined how crucial it is that Afghan soil not be utilized for terrorist actions against any nation.


Creation of the Commission by Taliban

According to reports, the Afghani government has set up a commission headed by the minister of justice to make sure that private land rights are returned to their rightful owners. The commission’s goal is to undo the encroachment that militants in Kabul undertook during the previous government.

Narender Singh Khalsa’s Return

The arrival of Narender Singh Khalsa, a member of parliament who represents the Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan, is a noteworthy milestone that demonstrates the beneficial effects of these measures. Khalsa’s recent return from Canada to Afghanistan suggests that ties between India and the Taliban government may be improving.


Historical Context

Historically, the Hindu and Sikh populations have made up approximately 1% of Afghanistan’s population, making them significant components of the country’s demographic landscape. However, these populations left Afghanistan due to political unrest and conflict, especially the Soviet invasion in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The Taliban’s efforts to address the grievances of religious minorities in Afghanistan, particularly the Hindu and Sikh communities, mark a positive step towards fostering inclusivity and reconciliation in the country. These initiatives, coupled with international support and engagement, are essential for promoting stability and peace in Afghanistan.

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