A strong 7.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Taiwan, causing destruction in its wake. Nine people lost their lives and nearly a thousand were injured in the earthquake. Numerous buildings were destroyed by the tremors, that were felt throughout the region and prompted tsunami warnings that reached Japan and the Philippines.

Impact and Response

Fresh images posted on social media depicted the dramatic scenes of turmoil and damage that followed the earthquake. Amid the terrible tremors, people scurried for safety as buildings swayed and bridges shook. The psychological toll was substantial, leaving many inhabitants unsettled and fearful for their safety, even though physical harm may have been minimal.



The earthquake brought back terrible memories of earlier tragedies for a large number of local citizens, especially the devastating 7.6 magnitude earthquake that struck in 1999 and killed over 2,400 people. The chilling reminder of the erratic and merciless character of seismic activity came from the echoes of previous catastrophes.

Global Community Responds

Following the earthquake, the world community came together to show support and solidarity for Taiwan. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, sent his sympathies to the people of Taiwan and expressed support for their fortitude in the face of hardship. The Indian government sent aid and support to its residents impacted by the calamity via the Ministry of External Affairs.

Concern for Indian Residents in Taiwan

Indian citizens and students residing in Taiwan were among the individuals impacted by the seismic activity. The India Taipei Association’s head of communications relations, Anup Meena, disclosed that 1,500 students in Taiwan are of Indian descent and that there are about 4,000 Indians overall. The group worked to support and counsel Indian nationals following the tragedy, notably by releasing advisories and hotline numbers.


Authorities in Taiwan swiftly launched rescue operations to find and save the missing people despite the destruction and casualties. A ray of hope emerged from the mayhem with the discovery of two missing Indians, comforting concerned family members.

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