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According to reports, approximately 100 first-year students at St. Stephen’s College were suspended for the petty offense of missing morning assemblies. Professors and students alike are deeply concerned by the administration’s decision, especially in light of the threat to withhold subsequent examinations from students who forget to contact their parents.

St. Stephen’s Students in a Dilemma Regarding Logistical Impracticality of Short Notice

The email from college administration on February 4th, which also stipulated that parents must attend, told students to schedule meetings with the principal that sparked the first issue. A harsh follow-up email was sent on February 17 to students who had disobeyed the order, warning them that their failure to comply could result in suspension and possibly even debarment from semester two exams.

Academic Advancement at Risk: Experts Voice Apprehensions

The college argues that this action is due to low attendance at morning assemblies in January 2024, but many feel that the severity of the punishment for what appears to be a minor infringement is excessive. Principal John Varghese has received requests from both teachers and students asking for the suspension order to be immediately revoked and the debarment threat to be lifted.

Managing Discipline: Is Attendance at Morning Assembly Crucial?

The kids have voiced several important concerns, one of which being the impracticality of making appointments on short notice, particularly for those whose parents don’t live in Delhi. St. Stephen’s Students find it difficult to follow the college’s rules due to this practical issue, which has prompted an appeal for tolerance from the administration.

Faculty Discontent:

Sanjeev Grewal, a St. Stephen’s ssociate professor, expressed surprise at the news and questioned the logic behind preventing students from taking exams because they did not show up for morning assembly. The claim is that although attendance is crucial, it shouldn’t be the only factor considered when taking harsh disciplinary measures that endanger kids’ ability to learn.

Striking a Balance between Individual Challenges and Discipline

The decision made by the administration calls into question the college’s disciplinary policy as well as the importance of morning assemblies relative to other facets of a student’s academic career. The campus community may benefit more from a more compassionate and sophisticated approach to attendance problems, one that emphasizes understanding and discipline in equal measure.

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