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SirWiz Pioneering the Digital Dawn: SirWiz's Quest to Bring Assam Online in 2024! - SirWiz News
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SirWiz Needs YOUR Help, For NEXT Step!

A digital revolution rising in Assam’s beautiful landscapes, and my innovative firm, SirWiz, is aiming to be in the lead. The objective is clear: to not just bring all of Assam online but to help them monetize their activity online, and we are asking for your help in this great cause.

But First, What is SirWiz All About?

Following the success of our activities in Visakhapatnam, SirWiz has now switched its focus to the lively city of Guwahati. SirWiz, however, did not surface overnight; it has a history that stems from my passion and vision. I was a 2019 Computer Application graduate, and 2 years later I formed SirWiz, formerly Sir Property, which was founded with a single objective: to bring the real estate experience online.

SirWiz Founder

The journey begins with creating a digital presence on key social media platforms. Following that, a string of successful real estate transactions demonstrated the effectiveness of SirWiz’s approach to internet deals.

My Primary Website:

My career in sales began four years ago in Hyderabad, paving the way for SirWiz’s success. Armed with the experience and information obtained, we intend to recreate this design in Guwahati, digitizing the consumer and business experience across industries.

The website you are currently viewing is a testimonial to my expertise and proficiency in web development and design. Surprisingly, all of these accomplishments were achieved nearly entirely on one’s own, without the assistance of significant third parties like venture capitalists, angel investors, or any other Godfather figures.

The success story does not end here; it continues into other areas. SirWiz has made an impact on website development, education technology, online real estate, and even the music-featuring platform. Each milestone completed without external assistance demonstrates the SirWiz team’s determination and perseverance.

For Real Estate achievements, You can Click This Link:

And all these were done almost single-handedly without the aid of any funds or investment from any prominent third parties, like VCs, angel investors, or sort of godfathers, UNTIL NOW!

SirWiz services

Looking ahead, the next big step on their path is to open a media house that will cater to the local public while also capturing national and worldwide attention. I also launched an innovative pilot program in AI Integration News Reporting earlier this year, which has already laid the groundwork for this transformative leap.

SirWiz, however, requires your assistance in order to carry out this bold plan. We are in desperate need of finances, whether in the form of loans, investments, or donations. The ambition is grand: to move the people of Assam forward in every sphere, alongside their contemporaries.

I would be very grateful for your help if you have the means or know someone who can help us with the fund, be it in the form of a loan or donation. Join us on this revolutionary journey by reaching out via WhatsApp or calling +91-8309295531.


Until then, you’ll keep seeing regular updates and news on this web portal. Wishing you a happy 75th Republic Day!—an era in which digital empowerment meets prosperity and the spirit of Assam soars to new heights.

You can visit our Main Business Site:

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