Aaron Bushnell

As an extreme form of protest against Israel’s war on Gaza, a disturbing video emerged showing 25-year-old American Airman Aaron Bushnell setting himself on fire right in front of the Israel embassy. In response, one Israeli police is shown aiming a gun at him on camera, while other officers are seen running to his aid.

Purpose of Aaron Bushnell’s Protest 

Bushnell, wearing a military uniform, declared in the live-streamed video on Twitch that he would not be involved in what he considered the “genocide” of the Palestinian people.

The act was a bold expression of his stance against the ongoing conflict.

Warning Emails to Media Outlets

Aaron Bushnell had warned reporters and a number of left-wing news anarchist organisations via emails about his planned extreme protest before the occurrence. Among the recipients was the Atlanta Community Press Collective, who forwarded the email to the BBC. In his message, Bushnell declared that he would be protesting the genocide against the Palestinian people, stressing how extremely unsettling it would be.

Aaron Bushnell

Bushnell was rushed urgently to the hospital in critical condition; the Israeli embassy workers reported no injuries. The act of protest gained an unprecedented dimension due to the horrific nature of the footage and its live broadcast on Twitch.

Aaron Bushnell was a native of San Antonio, Texas, and according to Stars & Stripes, a military publication, he was a senior airman. 

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