Pop sensation Shakira from Colombia has stirred controversy with her honest comments about Greta Gerwig’s critically praised movie Barbie. Shakira revealed her sons’ contempt for the film in an interview with Allure magazine, stating that they thought it was emasculating. She said, “My sons absolutely hated it,” acknowledging that she felt the same way they did. They felt it as emasculating. And to a certain extent, I agree.”

Shakira’s Problematic Assertion of Emasculation

The singer unintentionally reinforces negative stereotypes by supporting the idea of emasculation. Her attribution of power to masculinity and fragility to femininity ignores the complexity and diversity of gender identities. This viewpoint ignores the fact that women’s empowerment does not lessen men’s identity or authority.

 Gender Roles

 Her remarks demonstrate a belief in strict gender roles, according to which women are supposed to be empowered and men are obliged to carry out specific tasks. Because of this binary understanding of gender, people are less able to express themselves authentically and are forced to conform to social conventions that define them according to their gender.


Contradictory Views on Feminism

 Shakira appears to have contradictory views on feminism despite her support for women’s empowerment. She stresses the need for women to be empowered, but she also perpetuates gender stereotypes by implying that men have a special role in society. The core tenets of feminism, which support the breakdown of gender-based structures, are undermined by this paradox.

Upholding the “Shakira Paradox”

She remarks support the phenomenon known as the “Shakira Paradox,” in which she promotes feminism while upholding traditional gender norms. This paradox serves as a reminder of how difficult it may be to navigate feminist discourse within society norms and popular media. The Colombian Singer’s insistence on men adhering to traditional masculine roles promotes damaging stereotypes and impedes progress towards gender equality, despite her advocacy of women’s agency and sensuality.

In conclusion, Shakira’s criticism of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie highlights more fundamental problems with feminism and gender dynamics. Her viewpoint reflects social conventions and expectations, but it also emphasizes how critical it is to question established gender roles and promote an inclusive and equal society. 

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