Significant security flaws surrounding the deadly suicide bombing event in northwest Pakistan have been exposed by a recent police report, highlighting the vulnerability that Chinese engineers confronted

Six people were killed in the attack, which happened on March 26 in Bisham city in the Shangla area. Five of the victims were Chinese engineers, while one was a Pakistani national.

Not Enough Protection

The police investigation states that the targeted vehicle, which was carrying Chinese engineers, was not equipped with the necessary armour to protect them from gunshots or explosives, which made them susceptible to the lethal attack.

According to the account, the car was in a convoy on the Karakoram Highway when it was struck by an vehicle carrying explosives, sending it plunging into a ditch that was 300 feet deep. Furthermore, at the time of the attack, the targeted bus was only fifteen feet away from another bus.


Safety Issues

The Chinese company in charge of the project, Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI), raised grave safety concerns in Pakistan after the event. Project manager Yu Hong underlined how the attack would negatively impact site progress, possibly resulting in more delays or a total halt to work.

Governmental Intervention

Prime Minister Sharif has ordered action against a number of officials, including the local police officer (RPO) of the Hazara Division and other security professionals in charge of securing the project, within 15 days of the security breach.

Ensuring Security Measures

To protect Chinese people working on various projects around Pakistan, Prime Minister Sharif has directed all security agencies in the country to put in place extensive security measures. China has also voiced worries over the occurrence, highlighting the significance of protecting its nationals working on projects in Pakistan.

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