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Sanjeev Sanyal's Controversial Call to Rethink UPSC Preparation: Unlocking India's Potential - SirWiz News
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Sanjeev Sanyal

Member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council Sanjeev Sanyal recently brought attention to an ongoing issue that many young Indians face: their fixation on passing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams.

Sanjeev Sanyal’s Perspective: Reimagining Indian Aspirations

Sanyal highlighted that although a career in the civil services is an admirable goal, not all candidates should choose to pursue it. Instead of staying inside the boundaries of conventional job choices, he encouraged young Indians to widen their horizons and investigate a variety of alternatives.

The Lack of Ambition

“Poverty of aspiration” is a word that Sanjeev Sanyal correctly used to characterise the restricted focus on certain occupations that are common in areas like West Bengal and Bihar. In the past, ambitions in these fields have been restricted to positions as local politicians, union leaders, or scholars. This limited perspective frequently forces people to pursue jobs in the civil service without taking into account other options that would better suit their interests and skills.

The Need For Change

The comments made by Sanjeev Sanyal highlight the necessity of a change in the way society views taking risks and starting a new venture. As he accurately notes, every nation needs a capable bureaucracy, but an undue emphasis on passing the UPSC examinations obscures other opportunities for India to shine. Young Indians can make more significant contributions to industries like the arts, entertainment, medical care and innovation if they focus their efforts on endeavours that match their abilities and interests.

Accepting a Range of Opportunities

To promote innovation and advancement, it is imperative that young Indians are encouraged to pursue their interests and consider a variety of employment options. Sanyal’s support of an entrepreneurial mindset is indicative of a larger social movement that values creativity and taking risks. India can realise its full potential and prosper on the international stage by fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture.

In a world where conventional job pathways frequently take precedence over individual desires and talents, Sanjeev Sanyal’s viewpoint on reevaluating UPSC preparation is extremely relevant. We can unlock India’s enormous potential and provide the foundation for a better future by empowering young Indians to follow their passions and take advantage of a variety of possibilities. It’s time to rise above the limitations of received wisdom and adopt an innovative, creative, and infinitely hopeful mindset.

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