The creator of the Isha Foundation and spiritual guide, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, had life-threatening brain surgery recently at a Delhi hospital. According to reports on his condition from his organisation, he is recovering significantly far beyond what was anticipated.

Sadhguru ‘s Procedure and Healing

After experiencing several brain haemorrhages, Sadhguru received emergency brain surgery at the Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi. Even after being under the influence of strong medications and sedation, he continued to fulfil his obligations despite the gravity of the situation, including attending the India Today Conclave.

According to the Isha Foundation, he is doing well following surgery and his health is stable. Though there were early worries, his recovery is progressing “beyond expectations.”

Humorous Outlook

Sadhguru made light of the procedure in a video posted from his hospital bed, claiming that the neurosurgeons saw “nothing… totally empty” as they penetrated his skull. He conveyed his appreciation for the efforts of the medical staff and his present condition.


Wishing for a swift recovery for the spiritual life coach , Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted for him. Numerous people have expressed concern and focus on the spiritual leader’s health.

While he continues his recovery process, his supporters and well-wishers hold out hope for a speedy recovery. In this difficult time, the Isha Foundation’s encouraging updates offer comfort.

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