Media magnate Rupert Murdoch, 92, has announced his engagement to girlfriend Elena Zhukova and plans to tie the knot once more. Murdoch is getting married for the fifth time, and the wedding will be held at his Moraga winery and estate in California.

A Lifetime of Marital Ventures

Known for his seven-decade career in the media, Murdoch has frequently made news for his personal life, which includes several marriages and divorces, in addition to his commercial endeavours.

A Californian Celebration

The upcoming wedding will take place not long after Murdoch resigned from his position as Fox and News Corp. chairman. The celebration adds a personal touch with the choice of Moraga as the venue in California.

Zhukova and Murdoch became close after they were introduced by Wendi Deng, Murdoch’s third wife. Molecular biologist Zhukova is retired; she was once married to millionaire power investor Alexander Zhukov.

Specifics about  Rupert Murdoch’s Beloved

Zhukova is reportedly 67 years old and is a native of Moscow. Her prior experience includes time spent at the University of California, Los Angeles studying diabetes. Interest in the engagement has been produced by Zhukova’s fascinating backstory in addition to Murdoch’s notoriety.

  1. Despite the ground-breaking successes that have characterized Murdoch’s career, this engagement represents a personal turning point as he leaves the corporate world to concentrate on personal affairs.

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