BTS member V’s upcoming music video, “FRI(END)S,” is much anticipated after the release of a teaser depicting an enigmatic female protagonist. With the video slated for release on March 15th, fans are speculating endlessly about the identity and purpose of the mysterious woman that appears with V

As soon as the teaser video was released, people saw that V was accompanied by the mysterious female protagonist. After thorough research, her identity was revealed to fans as Ruby Sear, a British actress whose very close photos with the BTS member V were shared online sending armies to a spiral.

Who is Ruby Sear and What is Her Role In The Mv?

Although V and Ruby Sear were glimpsed in the teaser, not much is known about her role in the “FRI(END)S” music video. Enthusiasts anxiously anticipate additional glimpses or details that will disclose the concept and role of Ruby Sear’s persona. with ideas ranging from a romantic partner to a shadowy rival to V. Her character’s ambiguity has only made fans more excited for the video’s release as they wait impatiently for more BTS teases or details.

Ruby Sear

Ruby Sear, who is only 23 years old, has already established herself as a well-known figure in the entertainment business because of her performance as Gabrielle in “The Gentlemen.” Fans have been curious and speculating about Sear’s presence in V’s music video as she is well-known for her ability to portray nuanced and mysterious characters. Her presence heightens the mystery and suspense around the already eagerly awaited release

In summary:

Fan excitement for V’s “FRI(END)S” music video is growing as its release date approaches. BTS fans are really excited. With Ruby Sear cast as the mysterious female protagonist, there’s an additional level of intrigue, which has fans excitedly awaiting the video’s March 15 release. 

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