Famous poet Munawwar Rana, who was 71 years old, passed away on Sunday, leaving the literary world in mourning for one of its leading lights. At the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Rana, who had been fighting throat cancer, passed away.

The legacy of Rana on Indian literature is irreversible. In 2014, the Sahitya Akademi Award was given in recognition of his body of work, which included the well-known “Shahdaba.” But Rana made the politically motivated decision to return the esteemed honor. 

Munawwar Rana’s Lasting Influence

Munawwar Rana’s most well-known poem, “Maa,” has a special position in Urdu literature. Rana gained recognition among the general public thanks to his poetry, which struck a chord with a broad audience due to his skill at using straightforward yet meaningful language. His creative accomplishments and morally sound positions on social and political matters have had a lasting impact on Indian literature.

On Monday, the poet who is revered for his skill at expressing feelings in poetry will be laid to rest. Rana’s writings will reverberate in the domains of Indian and Urdu poetry long after readers, fellow poets, and fans bid him farewell.

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