The TV industry grieves the passing of Rituraj Singh, a cherished character best known for his outstanding performances, most notably as Yashpal in the hit show “Anupamaa.” After suffering a pancreatic disease, the 59-year-old actor passed away on Monday night due to a heart attack.

 Fond Memories: Yashpal in “Anupamaa”

Audiences adored Rituraj Singh for the characters he portrayed, especially Yashpal in “Anupamaa.” The actor made a lasting impression with his performances, and his contribution to the television industry is remembered fondly.

After learning of Rituraj Singh’s death, actor Arshad Warsi, who lived in the same building as him, expressed his deep sadness. By mentioning that Singh was involved in his first picture as a producer, Warsi emphasised the similarities in their past.

Rituraj Singh

Rituraj Singh’s Battle with Pancreatic Disease

Rituraj Singh was battling pancreatic disease, a difficult ailment that affects the pancreas. He had recently been released from the hospital due to stomach problems caused by the illness, but on Monday night at home, he passed away from a cardiac attack. The actor’s health issues underlie the broad spectrum of pancreatic illnesses, particularly the fact that pancreatic cancer is frequently detected too late. He went into sudden cardiac arrest at his house at around one in the morning

Singh has shown his versatility outside of television in the entertainment business. His roles in films such as Yaariyan 2, Satyameva Jayate 2, and Badrinath ki Dulhania demonstrated his flexibility and huge influence on the film industry. 

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