K Shivaram, a 70-year-old politician and actor from Kannada, passed away in Bengaluru on Thursday. Shivaram, who gained notoriety for his parts in “Tiger” (2017) and “Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake” (1993), was receiving treatment in a private hospital for a number of health problems. The date for his funeral is set for Friday, March 1.

K Shivaram’s Film Debut

Shivaram demonstrated his intellect by being the first person in Kannada to pass the UPSC exam in 1986, making history. He made his cinematic debut in “Baa Nalle Madhuchandrake,” a film adapted by Nagathihalli Chandrashekar based on his work. Shivaram had trouble making a name for himself as a well-known actor in Kannada film, even with the surprising success of this romantic thriller.

Political Path: Janata Dal ,Congress, and BJP

Shivaram was affiliated with multiple political groups in the political sphere. He worked with the BJP for seven years, serving on the state executive committee. He had previously been connected to the Indian National Congress as well as Janata Dal (Secular) before joining the BJP. Shivaram held the position of Bangalore Regional Commissioner before entering politics, retiring in 2013.

K. Shivaram

K Shivaram’s legacy is varied ranging from his accomplishment of academic achievements to his influence in the film industry and his impact on Karnataka politics. His demise signifies the end of an era and leaves traces of a multifaceted person who was exceptional in a variety of professions.

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