Sarwan Singh Pandher, a farmer leader, declared on Sunday that the farmers who are protesting will start their march toward the nation’s capital again on March 6 (Wednesday). The fourth session of negotiations, which was held in Chandigarh more than a week ago, ended without a resolution.

Rail Tracks Will Be Blocked Across the Country on March 10

Protesting farmers also want to close all railroad tracks nationwide on March 10 (Sunday) between 12 and 4 p.m. A component of their ongoing ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest is this action.

Pandher advised farmers in remote states to take trains or other forms of transportation to Delhi if they were unable to travel in tractor trolleys. The ongoing protests in Khanauri and Shambhu will get more intense till their demands are fulfilled.

Panchayats are being urged to back farmer demand

Pandher emphasised unity and urged all Punjab panchayats to adopt resolutions endorsing the demands of the farmers. He said that the Centre was using different strategies to stop their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march.

Farmers are Rejecting Government’s Proposal

The government’s offer of a 5-year guaranteed purchase of cotton, legumes, and maize at MSP was recently rejected by the farmer leaders. They insisted on a legal MSP assurance for all 23 crops, not just a few, claiming that the idea did not serve their interests.

The enormous dilemma of fuel and cylinder gas shortages is plaguing Punjab amidst the continuing protests. Reports citing Ministry insiders claim that safety issues and roadblocks have negatively affected the state’s supply of LPG and diesel gas.

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