Pope Francis offers young people everywhere a message of renewed hope on the fifth anniversary of his Apostolic Exhortation, Christus Vivit. The Pope highlights in a letter the fact that “Christ is alive” in the middle of a world full of suffering and turmoil, and he wants the same vitality for today’s children.

Christ’s Invincible Love

Pope Francis reassures young people of their worthiness despite their flaws by restating the message of Christ’s compassion and boundless charity. He exhorts them to accept Christ as a friend, finding comfort in His presence as they share in life’s pleasures and tribulations.

The Witness Mission

Pope Francis emphasises that it is young people’s duty to share the joy that comes from a relationship with Christ. He exhorts them to share this truth with the world by living it out and by speaking it aloud. This will help the Church resurrect its mission of sharing the gospel of Christ.

Considering the Past and the Future

In light of World Youth Day’s approaching 40th anniversary, Pope Francis extends an invitation to the youth to celebrate Christ’s resurrection as a victory. He encourages them to be leaders of tomorrow, bringing hope and confidence from His presence, and to find freedom in His love.


Pope Francis’ Final Prayer

Finally, Pope Francis thanks youth for their presence and contribution to the work of the Church. As he continues to lead the Church, he urges them to maintain their enthusiastic participation and requests their prayers.

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