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 A number of educational technology projects have been introduced by the local ed-tech platform Physics Wallah (PW) during its main event, Vishwas Diwas. With an emphasis on personalization, effectiveness, and engagement, PW’s innovations seek to revolutionize education and align with the motto “Padhai Ka Naya Andaaz” (A New Era of Education).


In just over two months since its launch in December 2023, PW’s in-house artificial intelligence teaching suite, Alakh AI, has drawn over 1.5 million users. The company proudly acknowledged its success. With the AI suite, you can customize learning experiences for learners individually with AI Guru, a personal AI instructor and assistant available around-the-clock. Students can use text, image, or voice to submit questions, and they can receive answers in text or video format.

With Alakh AI’s AI Guru, the majority of doubts are answered instantly, which is a big improvement over the prior 10-hour turnaround time. It has an impressive 94% satisfaction score for academic queries. The technology makes learning more efficient by providing consistent and predictable responses. Three times as many engagements with AI Guru as the current “ask doubt” feature indicates how popular it is.

Physics Wallah 2.0 Initiative: Tech-Aware Education

With the goal of improving student outcomes through cutting-edge technology, the organization has upgraded its products under the PhysicsWallah 2.0 project by taking a tech-savvy approach. Remarkably, the technology enhances the effectiveness of digital learning by maintaining lecture lengths while cutting down on data usage by 80–90%. Students can now attend more lectures within their current data restrictions thanks to this update.

Physics Wallah

Changing Millions of Lives via Education

In its quest to transform education for millions of students in India, Physics Wallah has reached a major milestone, which is shown in its dedication to innovation and technology. The emphasis on individualized learning experiences and the use of artificial intelligence demonstrates a commitment to promoting an approachable, interesting, and effective new era of education.

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