Ministry of Education Releases New Guidelines for Coaching Institutes


Ministry of Education Releases New Guidelines for Coaching Centers/Institutes

The “Guidelines for Registration and Regulation of Coaching Center 2024” have been introduced to address concerns surrounding unregulated private coaching centers. The guidelines aim to establish a framework for registration, set minimum standards, and prioritize student well-being. 

Key provisions include transparent marketing practices, age restrictions for student enrollment, fair fee structures, and an exit policy for mid-course withdrawals. The central government has released guidelines for the regulation of coaching centers, focusing on establishing a regulatory framework, recommending minimum standard requirements for operations, protecting the interests of enrolled students, promoting co-curricular activities, and providing career guidance and psychological counseling for students’ mental well-being.


Key Provisions of the Guidelines For Coaching Centers

1. Age Restriction: Coaching centers are prohibited from enrolling students below 16 years of age.

2. Transparent Marketing: Coaching centers must maintain an updated website with information on tutors’ qualifications, courses, duration, hostel facilities, and fees.

3. Complaint Mechanism: Students, parents, or coaching center tutors/employees can file complaints against coaching centers, and vice versa. These complaints will be resolved within thirty days.

4. Penalty for Violations: Coaching centers face penalties for breaching terms or conditions of registration or general requirements, starting at ₹25,000 for the first violation, escalating to ₹1 lakh for a second offense, and potential registration revocation for subsequent breaches.

5. Educational Qualifications for Tutors: Tutors at coaching centers are required to have a minimum qualification for graduation.

6. Exit Policy: In case of mid-course withdrawals, a pro-rata refund is mandated within 10 days. Any fee increase during the course duration is strictly prohibited.

7. Infrastructure Requirements: Coaching centers must allocate a minimum of one square meter per student in each class. Adherence to fire safety and building codes, along with obtaining Fire and Building Safety Certificates, is compulsory.

Other Relevant Information

– The guidelines emphasize the need for a counseling system and the establishment of mechanisms for immediate intervention to provide targeted and sustained assistance to students in distress and stressful situations.

– Coaching institutes are barred from making misleading promises or guarantees regarding ranks or marks to attract parents and students.

– The guidelines aim to standardize the coaching industry and address concerns about unregulated practices, such as coaching centers charging excess fees and causing undue stress on students.

Alignment with National Education Policy (NEP) 2020

The government’s measures align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, addressing the Common University Entrance Test (CUET), conducting entrance examinations in 13 regional languages, expanding the number of seats in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and establishing high-quality Higher Education Institutions.

To assist students in preparing for NEET (UG) and JEE (Main) entrance examinations, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has launched the ‘National Test Abhyas’ Mobile App, providing candidates with access to high-quality mock tests online free of charge.

The new guidelines aim to establish a regulatory framework that ensures the well-being and proper education of students attending coaching centers.


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