Leader of Bihar Nitish Kumar resigned as Chief Minister and broke with his partner RJD, citing the Grand Alliance’s declining state. Kumar said he has resigned as chief minister today after meeting with the governor. They established a new Grand Alliance in August 2022, but it is not doing well. It doesn’t appear good.

Alliances Change: BJP Takes the Lead

The appointment of BJP members Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha as Nitish Kumar’s new deputies following his resignation represents a dramatic change in Bihar’s political landscape. This action follows Kumar’s time serving as the RJD, Congress, as well as Left alliance’s Chief Minister.


The Ninth Oath of Nitish Kumar: From BJP Partner to Alliance Builder

Nitish Kumar been sworn in as Bihar’s chief minister for a record ninth time, this time with the BJP as a partner. Prior to this, he broke with the NDA and joined the RJD, Congress, and the Left alliance. Having hosted the inaugural gathering that resulted in the adoption of the name INDIA in June 2023, Kumar was instrumental in bringing the opposition parties together to mount a united front against the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

The political climate in Bihar changes dramatically as Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulates Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and the new Bihar team. The Bihar NDA administration hopes to concentrate on development and fulfill the mandate with the BJP as a new ally.

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