Narayan Murthy

Co-founder of Infosys NR Narayana Murthy may have made the youngest millionaire in the nation by presenting his four-month-old grandchild Ekagrah Rohan Murthy with ₹240 crore worth of company shares.

Information about Narayana Murthy’s Generous Gesture

As per an exchange filing, Ekagrah currently owns 1,500,000 Infosys shares, or 0.04% of the business. With such a large financial gift at such a young age, the baby joins the select few who are fortunate enough to have such a valuable possession.

In an off-market transaction, Narayana Murthy transferred shares to Ekagrah, lowering his personal thus ownership holding in Infosys from 0.40% to 0.36%. The case shows Murthy’s dedication to his family and their future financial security, but it does not explain why he made this kind donation.

Market Reaction

 Infosys shareholders were not very enthusiastic about the gifting gesture, despite the fact that it may have made the Murthy family happy. On the National Stock Exchange, the company’s shares finished at ₹1,601.80 apiece, down 2% from Friday’s close.

 In November 2023, Rohan Murthy and his wife Aparna Krishnan, the son of Narayana and Sudha Murthy, announced the arrival of Ekagrah Rohan Murthy.

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