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More than 4500 Offline Stores Across India to Stop Selling OnePlus Products: Unveiling the Retailer-Brand Discord - SirWiz News
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Many physical outlets in India, including well-known merchants like Poorvika Mobiles as well as Sangeetha Mobiles, will stop selling OnePlus smartphones and other items as of May 1st, 2024. The decision was made in response to a number of difficulties, and it comes amid rising hostilities between the company and physical retailers.

OnePlus and Offline Store Tension 

On April 10 , the South Indian Organized Retailers Association (ORA) sent a letter to Ranjeet Singh, the Sales Director of OnePlus Technology India, outlining a number of issues that physical retailers of the company’s devices were having trouble with. Low the margins of profit, postponed claims for warranty, and logistical difficulties fulfilling model-specific packaging needs are among the main complaints. Poor sales, a build-up of inventory, and dissatisfied customers are the results of these problems.

Danger of Termination

The All India Mobile Retailers Association (AIMRA) has endorsed ORA’s resolution to stop selling the company’s merchandise. AIMRA threatened to stop doing business with OnePlus countrywide in a letter addressed to the company if the problems were not fixed. Allegations made against the company include disregarding mainstream shops, selling goods through dubious routes, and breaking agreements and bonds with them.







Retailers affected

OnePlus products will no longer be sold in around 4,500 stores in Gujarat,Tamil Nadu,  Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh,Telangana, Karnataka, and, including well-known chains like Big C and Pooja. ORA stressed that not much progress or resolution has been made in spite of continuous efforts to address issues with the company. Retailers are forced to take this action due to unmet commitments and broken promises.

In conclusion, the choice of physical retailers to stop carrying OnePlus merchandise is indicative of the long-standing conflict that exists between the company and its merchant partners. It is unclear how the company will react to these difficulties and whether efforts to find solutions will result in a successful partnership down the road as both sides traverse them.


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