Megan Fox

In a recent podcast interview, Megan Fox talked candidly about her breakup with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, disclosing that their engagement ended last year. She said she had a strong bond with him despite their breakup, calling him her “twin soul.”

Status of Relationships and Unending Connection

Fox made it clear that she will no longer be discussing her connection with Machine Gun Kelly in the public during her appearance on the Call Her Daddy show. She stated that there is going to be a connection between them, acknowledging their ongoing relationship, but she did not disclose detailed specifics regarding their current condition.

Megan’s Cosmetic Operations

During that same podcast episode, Fox opened up about her past experiences with aesthetic surgeries. She acknowledged using Botox and filler, as well as having breast augmentation surgery in her early 20s. She made it clear, nevertheless, that she hasn’t had facelifts or buccal fat removal.

Megan Fox

Clarifying the Record

In response to comments over her appearance,Megan Fox clarified that she has not had facelifts or brow lifts, among other cosmetic procedures. She also declared that she will continue to be open about the cosmetic changes she has made, even in the face of troll criticism.

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