Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu favors China, citing it as an essential ally and development partner, but he also raises concerns about New Delhi’s sway. A significant change in alignments is indicated by the government’s decision to request that Indian military personnel stationed locally leave.

Tensions in diplomacy and disparaging remarks

The President is visiting China at the same time when there is a diplomatic spat with India over disparaging comments made by several Maldivian politicians about Prime Minister Modi. This heated circumstance suggests tensions in the two countries’ relations.

Muizzu Entire Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China

In an effort to advance bilateral relations to a Comprehensive Strategic Collaborative Partnership, Muizzu signed almost 20 agreements during his visit. This indicates a very evident desire to fortify relations with China.


Focus on the Economy and Debt Dynamics

Muizzu pushed for increased tourism to the Maldives, which is crucial for economic growth, while requesting Chinese cooperation. With more expenditures made possible by the Belt and Road Initiative, the nation owes China $1.37 billion, which raises concerns about mounting debt and dependency.


Implementing FTA and Getting Contrary Reactions

Muizzu garnered attention for his emphasis on the swift execution of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, but opinions on the position were divided, especially in light of the economic ramifications and possible unintended repercussions of changing allies.

Investment Forum in the Midst of Issues

President Muizzu emphasized the nation’s commitment to its revised foreign policy by soliciting investments from Chinese businesses for 11 projects during the Maldives Investment Forum, despite disputes and tense ties.

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