Larissa Bonesi

Recently, rumors concerning Aryan Khan, the son of Shah Rukh Khan, and Brazilian actress Larissa Bonesi have surfaced.

Buzz on Social Media

Online rumors about Aryan and Larissa’s relationship have been fueled by a video that is allegedly of them together. Aryan’s Instagram activity was noticed by perceptive Reddit users, who noted that he followed every member of Larissa’s family. Furthermore, a Reddit comment indicated that Bonesi’s mother, Renata, received a present from Aryan, generating more debate among fans and social media users.

Birthday Party Conjecture 

Fans debated whether Aryan would have attended Bonesi’s birthday party on March 28 in light of the rumors, pointing out how different Aryan and Bonesi were in age. Others wondered if Shah Rukh Khan would wed a foreign daughter-in-law

Larissa Bonesi’s background

  Bonesi was born in Brazil in March 1990. She is a professional actress who has worked in both the Bollywood and Tollywood industries, appearing in music videos with Tiger Shroff and Sooraj Pancholi.

Aryan Khan’s purported romance with Bonesi is still generating excitement on social media as speculations circulate. Fans and followers have been captivated by their social media conversations and purported appearances together, even though neither party has officially acknowledged the relationship.

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