According to local authorities, the death toll from a disastrous landslide in the Yunnan province of southwest China has reached 31, and many more people are still missing. The unstable soil conditions posed a challenge to rescue efforts after a landslide struck a community in Zhenxiong County. Heavy machinery wasn’t able to be used in the evacuation process due to the challenging terrain.

Difficulty of Rescue Operations in Yunnan

The difficult conditions are impeding search and rescue activities, despite the presence of over a thousand rescue professionals, including forty-five rescue dogs and one hundred and twenty vehicles fitted with loaders and excavators. Large-scale mechanical activities are challenging in the impacted area due to the unstable soil, which complicates on-site rescue operations. More than five hundred people were evacuated from the impacted villages in Zhaotong on Monday due to a landslide.

However, evacuating individuals who are still in danger is significantly hampered by the inability to employ heavy machines. 47 individuals are reportedly missing, which highlights how urgent the current search and rescue effort is.

Southern Xinjiang Earthquake: Delhi-NCR Tremors

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck China’s Southern Xinjiang area on Monday night caused powerful vibrations to be felt in the Delhi-National Capital area in a separate occurrence.  Houses along the border between Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang collapsed, and several injuries were recorded. 

There have been reports of casualties and a pause to train operations in the Xinjiang province as a following the earthquake.

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