Famous cricketers have spoken out against the ‘anti-India’ sentiments that have been expressed in the Maldives after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep. They are sparking a discussion on social media by urging people to recognize the charm of Indian beaches.

An Old Video Surfaces: MS Dhoni’s Opinion on the Maldives vs. Indian Islands

An old video of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has reappeared in the middle of this debate. In the video, Dhoni expresses his wish to first visit beautiful parts of India before traveling abroad. Although Dhoni is renowned for keeping his opinions to himself on hot-button issues, this video makes it clear where he stands on the Indian Islands vs. Maldives controversy.

Dhoni’s Perspective on Travel: Commencing the Leisure Expedition in India

Even though he traveled a lot while playing cricket, Dhoni says he plans to start taking leisure trips, beginning in India. He says in the video that he and his wife used to primarily travel for cricket, but now they want to try new places, starting with India.

Legends of Cricket Come Together to Support Lakshadweep

The collective expression of cricket icons is in line with the idea of valuing India’s varied topography and travel hotspots. Their message as a whole stresses the value of discovering and highlighting the splendour of Indian beaches and cultivating a sense of pride in the country’s natural assets.

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