Fan debates have been intense over IU’s most recent pre-release single, “Love Wins All,” which features BTS V. The corresponding music video, which invites viewers to decipher its symbolism, reveals a deeper story behind the beautiful melody.







Cinematic Love Amid Challenges

In the music video, IU and BTS V are seen as a couple dealing with challenges, such as having to flee from an enigmatic cube object. The narrative takes place in a dim area, highlighted by a creepy square object and a recording device which captures glimpses of a different reality.

V’s Acting Brilliance and Musical Collaboration

Fans of BTS applaud V’s subtle and mature acting, praising him for taking a chance on a full-length song independent of the group.  The collaboration between IU and V adds depth to the emotional exploration of love, happiness, and resilience.





Symbolism of Nemo: The Cube

When Nemo, a cube-shaped creature, is introduced by director Um Tae Hwa, viewers interpret him in different ways. While a few theories hypothesize on supernatural components, others relate it to discrimination and societal obstacles. Many view the square as a representation of injustice and inequality in everyday life.

Fan Theory: IU’s Hearing Impairment and V’s Vision Challenge

A compelling fan hypothesis gives the story another level of complexity. According to the notion, V’s character has vision problems in one eye, and IU’s character is either deaf or mute. The last square entity is perceived as a representation of prejudice, putting an end to those who are rejected. The camera acts as a window into a world devoid of prejudice.








As fans investigate the meaning and plot of “Love Wins All,” the collaboration becomes more than just a hit song—rather, it becomes a platform for creative expression and social commentary. IU and BTS V’s artistic collaboration is all the more appealing due to the depth of interpretation.

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