Israel was startled by air raid alerts in the dead of night on Saturday, forcing people to hide from explosions while air defenses hurried to take action. As Israel and its allies stopped drones and missiles fired from Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, interceptions lit up the sky.

International Involvement

Projectiles fired from different regions were stopped by Israel, the US, the UK, and Jordan, as part of the military escalation involving at least nine countries. Around 720 places heard air raid sirens in response to the attack, which caused blasts in cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Iran’s Scale of Attack

 According to an Israeli military spokesman, Iran fired about 120 ballistic weapons, 170 drones, plus 30 cruise missiles in its attack. Although several impacts were detected, the infrastructure in southern Israel suffered only minor damage. Remarkably, a missile was stopped outside the atmosphere of Earth, maybe by the sophisticated Arrow 3 system.

Defence Mechanisms

To tackle various threats, Israel installed advanced defence systems such as Arrow 3, David’s Sling, as well as Iron Dome. Israel’s defences against drones, missiles, and shorter-range threats were strengthened by Iron Dome and David’s Sling, while Arrow 3, equipped with exoatmospheric hypersonic anti-ballistic missiles, demonstrated its capabilities.

Reaction & Retaliation

Stressing Israel’s determination to “exact the price” for the assaults, Israeli Minister Benny Gantz pledged reprisals against Iran. Iran cautioned against taking more military action and justified its actions as self-defence in reaction to what it saw as Israeli aggression.

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