Israeli forces raided Nasser hospital, the largest still-functioning hospital in the Gaza Strip, with tank fire causing casualties. The IDF claimed Hamas fighters were hiding inside, while Hamas denied this, calling it “lies.” The hospital had been under siege, facing allegations of sniper fire targeting the facility.

Impact on Nasser’s Patients

Videos showed chaotic scenes inside the hospital, with patients being evacuated amidst damaged ceilings and smoke-filled corridors. The UN had warned of a threatened ground offensive in Rafah, the last relatively safe area, which could trigger a refugee exodus into Egypt.


Besieged Hospital

Nasser hospital, located in Khan Younis, had been a focal point of intense fighting between the IDF and Hamas for days. The IDF stated that operations aimed to ensure the hospital could continue treating patients, denying any obligation to evacuate. The hospital’s spokesperson, Ashraf al-Qidra, reported a critical fuel shortage, endangering patients in intensive care and neonatal wards.

Humanitarian Concerns

The attack raised concerns about humanitarian consequences, with allegations of dogs being released inside the hospital during the operation. The IDF spokesperson emphasized ongoing operations and communication with hospital staff to facilitate patient care.

The situation in Gaza remains tense, with the impact of the raid on Nasser hospital adding to the humanitarian challenges faced by the region.

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