The body of Indian student Paruchuri Abhijit was found in an abandoned vehicle on the Boston University campus, and this has caused anxiety among the Indian community. Concerns over the security of Indian students studying overseas have been raised by his untimely death.


At Boston University, Abhijit, a young engineer from Burripalem, Guntur, India, was pursuing his education. His murderers are still at large, but his family is crushed by his unexpected passing.

Investigations and Suspected Motives behind Paruchuri’s Murder

According to early accounts, Abhijit may have been the target of attackers who may have wanted money and his laptop. To ascertain the precise events that led to his death, investigations are still underway

The incident has raised concerns among the Indian community, particularly students studying abroad, about safety and security. Calls for enhanced protection measures and support systems have intensified.

Broader Context

Abhijit’s death adds to a series of unfortunate incidents involving Indian students in the US in 2024, highlighting the vulnerability of Indian expatriates

Authorities are actively investigating Abhijit’s death, with a collective demand for justice for the perpetrators. Efforts to bolster security and support for Indian students abroad are being advocated.


 The incident has sparked worries about safety and security among the Indian community, especially among students studying abroad. Demands for more robust safety protocols and assistance networks have gotten louder.There is a widespread call for justice for those responsible for Abhijit’s death, and authorities are actively looking into the incident. There is a push for measures to provide safety and assistance for Indian students studying overseas.

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