Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian-American entrepreneur, formally withdrew from the 2024 US presidential election after an underwhelming performance in the Iowa Republican caucuses. The Indian immigrant son who attended Yale and Harvard and became successful in the pharmaceutical business also wanted to create a name for himself in politics.

Trump’s Vast Advantage and Ramaswamy’s Backing

After securing a commanding lead during the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump solidified his status as the front-runner for the Republican nomination. Acknowledging the current political climate, Vivek Ramaswamy not only withdrew from the campaign but also declared his support for Trump, solidifying the former president’s lead.

Conservative Appeal and Campaign Strategy

Even though Ramaswamy was new to politics, he was able to draw in Republican supporters by closely tying his candidacy to the America-first agenda established by the late President Trump. His conservative position and strong views on immigration connected with the Republican base, which was crucial to Trump’s previous political victories.

Scandals and Trump’s Opposition 

Even though Ramaswamy tried to present himself as an outsider ready to personally support Trump’s “America First” program, his campaign was criticized for supporting conspiracy theories. In the last days before the Iowa caucuses, he faced increasing criticism from Trump, who openly branded him a “fraud” on his social media network Truth Social.


Resignation and Upcoming Objectives

Recognizing that there was no realistic route to the presidency, Vivek Ramaswamy declared his resignation and made it clear that a number of unfavorable circumstances would need to occur in order for him to be successful. He gave his complete support for Donald Trump for president and promised to aggressively campaign on his behalf. His resignation is a reflection of how the Republican field is changing and how Trump is once again becoming the front-runner.

Implications of the Iowa Results 

Ramaswamy received about 7.7% of the votes in Iowa, placing him in fourth place.

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