A Significant funding for the India AI Mission, totaling Rs 10,372 crore over five years, was announced by Union Minister Piyush Goyal. Through the promotion of artificial intelligence (AI) innovation and broad acceptance, this program seeks to advance the development of young talent in India.

Comprehensive Ecosystem

By carefully working with the public and business sectors, the India AI Mission hopes to create a comprehensive ecosystem. Its main goals are to attract top talent, develop ethical AI practices, democratise computing availability, improve data quality, and nurture indigenous AI skills.

Large language model (LLM)-based Artificial Intelligence Innovation Centers

Piyush Goyal announced plans to establish two to three AI Innovation Centers in India. These facilities will act as hubs for AI research, development, and cooperation, strengthening India’s standing in the international AI arena.


Application Development Initiative

 Addressing issue declarations from Central Ministries and State Departments, the India AI Application Development Initiative will concentrate on vital industries. The objective is to develop, scale, and accept significant AI solutions that can propel broad socioeconomic change.


Encouraging Responsible Growth: The India Artificial Intelligence Mission is positioned to be a key player in determining the direction of AI in India, with a focus on inclusive, responsible growth. This effort creates the foundation for a future that is both technologically sophisticated and morally upright by encouraging innovation and advancing AI applications in important industries.

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