Famous for her part in Nevertheless, Han So-hee recently responded to allegations that she was dating Ryu Jun-yeol. Han So-hee expressed her displeasure at silence upheld by a “third party” in a since-deleted post on March 29, which fans surmised was a reference to Ryu Jun-yeol.

Clarifying Relationship Status:

She refuted rumours that they were in a “transit relationship,” stressing that Ryu Jun-yeol and her started dating after he broke up with Lee Hyeri. According to reports, Ryu Jun-yeol reportedly turned down Han So-hee’s wish for him to be open about their relationship.

Fan Speculation:

Given his silence since the dating allegations began, many surmise that Ryu Jun-yeol is the “third party” So-hee indicated. Fans’ doubts and opinions can be seen in social media comments, with some advising So-hee to pick a better companion.

Han Sohee’s Statement:

Han So-hee explained the chronology of her relationship and declared that she didn’t mean to offend his ex. She denounced a senior actor’s ( Hyeri’s) misleading assertions and voiced her dissatisfaction at one party’s silence, implying that it was Ryu Jun-yeol.

So-hee questioned how the ex-partner was portrayed, emphasising the necessity for transparency over pity. She stressed the significance of public trust in her profession and voiced confusion over the aggressive behaviour of journalists.

Seeking Clarity

So-hee offered apologies for any mismanagement of the situation and admitted that her post may have caused some discomfort. She emphasized the effects of misleading narratives on her identity and relationships and called for constructive criticism and introspection.

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