Every year on January 15, we celebrate Army Day, marking the 76th anniversary of Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa establishing himself as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army in 1949 following independence.

Recognition by the President and the Prime Minister

Warm congratulations were sent by President Droupadi Murmu, who acknowledged the vital role of the Indian military. She praised their skills in counter-insurgencies, wars, and national disasters, emphasizing their unshakable commitment and noble sacrifice.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi commended the troops’ efforts during times of conflict and natural disasters, praising their tenacity and strength. He stressed their reputation as a disciplined and potent force on a global scale.


Theme of Army Day 2024: “In Service of the Nation”

This year’s theme emphasizes the professionalism, dedication, and commitment fundamental to the Indian military. It illustrates how important soldiers are to maintaining national security, helping in the process of building a nation as well as responding to natural disasters.

The Central Command’s function

This year’s parade is led by the Central Command, headquartered in Lucknow, displaying the might and discipline of the Indian forces. The procession honors the courageous warriors who defend the country.

The Historic Role of Field Marshal KM Cariappa

An important turning point came about with the appointment of Field Marshal KM Cariappa, who served as a bridge between British rule and independent India. His leadership was essential in keeping the peace during the tumultuous post-partition period.

PM Modi expressed faith in the military’s role in creating a developed India. The soldiers represent strength and resiliency in the path towards a developed society because they are not only protectors of the peace but also builders of the nation.

India honors the historical heritage of Field Marshal Cariappa and recognizes the unalterable dedication to serving the country on Army Day, 2024.

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