GSLV-F14 successfully completed its purpose to deploy the INSAT-3DS meteorological satellite with a flawless liftoff from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

Precision Deployment

The INSAT-3DS was precisely deployed into its planned geosynchronous transfer orbit by the GSLV-F14 around eighteen minutes after launch, a significant milestone in India’s space program.

Exclusive Meteorological Mission

The INSAT-3DS satellite is specifically designed to provide advanced meteorological observations, including extensive surveillance of land and ocean surfaces, increased weather forecasting, as well as disaster warnings.

INSAT-3D’s Principal Goals:

Monitoring of the Earth’s Surface: The satellite keeps a close eye on the planet’s surface, providing vital information about weather trends.
Atmospheric Insights: Using vertical profiles to provide a range of atmospheric conditions, these insights support thorough meteorological investigation.
Data Gathering and Distribution: Effectively oversees the gathering and distribution of data using Data Gathering Platforms (DCPs).
Support for Search and Rescue: By virtue of its advanced capabilities, it supports Search and Rescue services.

From Mischievous to Disciplined

The GSLV, once known as the “naughty boy” of Indian space because of its previous mishaps, has experienced a metamorphosis. Following the mission’s triumph, Tommy Joseph, the GSLV-F14 Mission Director, exclaimed with pride over the GSLV’s newfound discipline in reaching space milestones.

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