The Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training is a name that many aspirants that have aviation careers on their minds hear frequently. The institute has gained notoriety for educating students for profitable jobs in customer service, hospitality, travel, and aviation. Its courses include a wide range of topics, from advanced understanding of aircraft as well as flight safety procedures to communication skills.

Global Outreach and Star-Studded Endorsement

Frankfinn has not hesitated to utilize star power, obtaining endorsements from Bollywood superstars such as Alia Bhatt for their company. The prospect of receiving exposure abroad is a major selling feature for the courses, which are offered at over 52 locations around India. With graduates landing jobs at top domestic and international airlines, hotels, and prestigious organizations across the globe, the institute boasts an excellent success rate.

Large Investment for Dream Careers

Although the prospect of a high-flying profession is alluring, most courses require a significant financial commitment—they often cost more than ₹1,000,000. The legitimacy of the institute and the worth of its programs, however, have been clouded by recent charges.

Frankfinn’s Controversies and Court Cases

The institute provided an invalid Level 5 BTEC i Higher National Certificate (HNC) from Edexcel UK, according to a complaint made by a student against Frankfinn. This allegation casts doubt on the validity of the certifications the institute offers. Complicating matters legally was Frankfinn’s attempt to obtain anticipatory bail following the session court’s denial.



In another course a student’s father saw inconsistencies in the degree, leading to the student who was seeking a Btec (HNC) in aviation, hotel, and travel management at Frankfinn Institute to express concerns. Since the letter “I” stands for “International,” the certificate mentioned Btec (I), which is improper for a course approved by the UK. The father and son contacted Edexcel UK, the certification authority, suspecting the courses were a scam. Edexcel UK confirmed that no such courses exist.

The purported Btec (HNC) course given by Frankfinn is not approved, according to Edexcel UK’s statement. Concerns were raised by the misleading use of the word “I” by the institute in the certificate. Furthermore, it was discovered through investigations that Frankfinn is not registered in India, casting doubt on the company’s validity and raising the possibility that many students may have been duped.

Uncertainty in Training Quality

In addition to legal issues, there is growing dissatisfaction among those who feel that the instruction offered by Frankfinn and other such institutions is an inefficient use of time and resources. Allegations include candidates who allegedly spent years and large sums of money on courses without achieving their desired careers.

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