The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) of India has awarded commercial approval for NexCAR19, the nation’s first-ever domestic CAR-T cell therapy, marking a significant milestone in the field. An important development in India’s medical field is this novel cancer treatment.

A Cancer Patient’s Amazing Journey

 The first patient in India to benefit from CAR-T cell therapy is Dr (Col) VK Gupta, an gastroenterologist based in Delhi. Gupta paid just Rs 42 lakh for medical care at Tata Memorial Hospital, saving him from spending Rs 4 Crore overseas.

CAR-T cell therapy

Genetically modifying a patient’s immune system to dentify and combat cancer cells is known as CAR-T cell therapy. After being taken out of the patient and altered in a lab to express a composite antigen receptor (CAR), the patient’s T cells are reintroduced into their body.


According to medical professionals at Tata Memorial Hospital, Dr. VK Gupta is the first patient to reach this state after receiving homegrown CAR-T cell therapy. He is currently “free of cancer cells.” The medical team recognizes the substantial advancements made, but they advise against expecting permanent cures.


Trailblazing Progress and Economic Benefits

Dr. Gupta’s tale demonstrates not just the medical triumph but also the economical viability of India’s domestic CAR-T cell therapy. Making this innovation more affordable, the patient just had to pay a small portion of what it would have if they had gone abroad for comparable care.

Doctors advise against estimating the therapy’s long-term effectiveness rate at this time. For patients with cancer who are still in the early stages of the disease, preliminary results point to “better survival chances and lower remission rates.” An even more thorough understanding of the therapy’s efficacy will come from ongoing study.

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