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First Huge Crash of Tejas Light Combat Aircraft: Pilot Safe, Investigation Underway - SirWiz News
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On March 12, an Indian Air Force (IAF) Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) went down following an operational training sortie close to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Since the aircraft’s first flight in 2001, this was the first crash involving an indigenous aircraft. The pilot was able to safely exit the aircraft despite the tragedy, and the authorities quickly started a Court of Inquiry to find out what caused the mishap.

Details of the Incident involving Tejas 

The incident happened during the tri-service Bharat Shakti firepower demonstration exercise, which was observed by top military officials and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The aircraft, a Tejas from IAF’s No 18 squadron, was taking part in the war exercise and was coming back from a formation run when the incident happened. 

Luckily, no one else was hurt in the incident, and witnesses said that the pilot had ejected just before the plane crashed.

Safety Procedures and Quick Response

Martin Baker zero-zero ejection seats, which enable safe ejection even in low-speed or stationary situations, are fitted to the  aircraft. The pilot’s successful ejection served as evidence of these safety elements’ efficacy. Fire departments and emergency medical workers were dispatched to the crash scene in a timely manner in order to put out the flames and give the pilot emergency medical attention.



As mentioned, The IAF immediately instituted a Court of Inquiry to look into the accident’s primary cause, in accordance with practice. These types of investigations are essential for determining the technical, functional, or human elements that contribute to aviation accidents and for putting remedial measures in place to stop them from happening again. The investigation’s conclusions will probably have an impact on the Tejas fleet’s general safety regulations, maintenance schedules, and training programs.

Although the Tejas LCA crash is certainly worrisome, the fact that the crew escaped alive emphasises how crucial strong safety protocols are in military aircraft. Stakeholders must place a high priority on accountability, openness, and ongoing development as the probe moves forward to guarantee the dependability and safety of domestic aircraft like the Tejas.

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