The continuing scandal regarding Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s derogatory remarks directed against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, the home minister, and a millionaire Gautam Adani has been addressed by the Delhi High Court. He is accused of calling them “pickpockets,” may now face legal repercussions as the court orders the Election Commission of India to take action.

Following a suit filed by Bharat Nagar, the Delhi High Court directed the Election Commission to proceed against Rahul Gandhi “in line with with the law.” Rahul’s remarks were deemed offensive by the court, which also granted the constitutional body eight weeks to take immediate action.

Constitutional Examination: Urgent Resolution Needed

The Election Commission’s investigation into the matter and Gandhi’s show-cause notice were acknowledged by the division bench, which was made up of Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justice Mini Pushkarna. Emphasizing the urgency of a prompt settlement, particularly in light of his response deadline having passed, the court asked the Election Commission to wrap up the case in eight weeks.

A show-cause notice from the Election Commission had earlier been issued in response to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘panauti and pickpocket’ taunts directed at Prime Minister Modi, warning him of the Model Code of Conduct’s prohibitions against unsubstantiated claims. Gandhi’s remarks drew criticism from the BJP, which said they were “unbecoming” of a powerful politician. This case underscores the intersection between responsible political discourse and free speech in the Indian political environment as the court proceedings progress.

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