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The Income Tax Department presented the Congress party with a notice of Rs 1,800 crore, that involves interest and penalties for the assessment periods from 2017–18 to 2020–21. This was a major blow to the party. This happened soon after the Delhi High Court denied the Congress’s appeals against the Income Tax department’s tax reassessment proceedings. Congressman Vivek Tankha confirmed the information.

Financial Crunch:

The Congress party is already experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the Income Tax authorities blocking its funds and imposing a penalty of ₹200 crore. The party filed an appeal with the High Court, but it was unsuccessful, and now it is considering taking the case all the way to the Supreme Court. 

The Congress has charged that, in the lead-up to the April 19 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is financially pressuring it and utilizing tax officials against it.

Rahul Gandhi’s Frustration

Congressman Rahul Gandhi responded by denouncing the measures against the party and promising to take decisive action against anyone trying to weaken democracy if the Congress is elected. The party’s campaigning efforts were negatively impacted by the frozen bank accounts, according to Rahul Gandhi, who also noted that the party’s inability to support workers, candidates, and promotional activities was hampered.

Effect on Congress Party’s Election Campaign

 Happening just two months before the election campaign kicked off, the timing of the financial failures for the Congress party could not have been worse. Rahul Gandhi drew attention to the fact that the Income Tax Department’s letters contained amounts from the 1990s and a few years prior, together with penalties that were significantly higher than the initial amounts. He underlined that the party’s entire monetary identity was at risk because of the punitive actions.

BJP’S Actions criticized

Jairam Ramesh and other prominent members of Congress criticized the notices as an act of “tax terrorism” intended to financially ruin the party. Ramesh demanded an end to such strategies, characterizing it as a calculated attempt to undermine the Congress. The Congress reaffirmed its commitment to pursuing its campaign for the next legislative elections in spite of budgetary obstacles and promised to honour its pledges to the nation’s citizens.

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