Divya Deshmukh

Divya Deshmukh, the Asian women’s chess champion and an Indian chess prodigy, discusses the widespread discrimination that female players encounter by sharing her uncomfortable experience at the Tata Steel Masters in the Netherlands.

Divya Deshmukh reveals in a social media post that she experienced misogynistic behavior from onlookers at the Tata Steel Masters, with attention being drawn to insignificant details like her attire, hair, and accent rather than her tactical play.

Unfair Scrutiny

Deshmukh draws attention to the unequal amount of focus placed on male players compared to their female colleagues, despite her noteworthy accomplishments. The chess champion laments that people are judging her more on how she looks than how well she is at the game.

Divya’s Tournament Performance

Deshmukh achieved a score of 4.5 in the Challengers section, placing her 12th out of the competitors in the Tata Steel Masters. The chess prodigy’s outstanding performances in the Asian women’s chess championship the previous year demonstrate her talent and commitment.

A Call for Change

 The disclosure made by Divya Deshmukh initiates an important discussion regarding the necessity of gender equality in the chess community. The chess champion exhorts the public to stop making snap decisions and start appreciating the skills and skill of female players instead.

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