There have been rumors circulating recently that the Class 9 Value Education books published by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) contain chapters on relationships and dating. On the other hand, the CBSE disassociated itself from the material and made it clear that it neither publishes nor recommends books.

Recognizing the circumstances surrounding CBSE

The contentious information was not a CBSE release, despite what several media outlets have claimed. It was spurred on by a book written by Gagan Deep Kaur and published by G.Ram Books (P) Ltd. Educational Publishers under the title A Guide to Self Awareness and Empowerment. The CBSE stressed that it is completely false and baseless to attribute the book to them.

The Value of Education on Relationships

Although the current circumstances might have created confusion, it is not intrinsically problematic to include dating and relationship education in school curricula. Teenagers navigate relationships differently in the modern digital age since social media and online interactions have a big impact on them.

In order to address these issues, educational boards such as the CBSE may be extremely helpful in educating students about consent, healthy relationships, and the effects of digital communication. It is vital to discuss subjects like “ghosting,” “catfishing,” and “cyberbullying” since they represent the realities of contemporary adolescent lives.

As digital communication has advanced, students now have to deal with new issues including online impersonation and cyberbullying. Schools can provide children with the information they need to handle these situations properly.

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