Orry AKA Orhan Awatramani steals the show at the Koffee With Karan 8 finale as a guest. The host, Karan Johar, delves into the most pressing issues, laying the groundwork for a thrilling discovery.

“What Does Orry Do?”

 Karan Johar finally provides a solution to the million-dollar issue that has been plaguing the internet: “What does Orry do?” Karan and the audience are captivated by Orry’s casual response, “I do my very best,” which also earns praise from the presenter himself.

Digital Demise Planning

 Orhan revealed his intentions for a “digital demise.” Recognizing the spotlight’s transient nature, he then quipped delightfully about how he planned his own demise before critics could take advantage of the situation.

In the “Orry Room”: Orhan revealed the details of his schemes in a lighthearted conversation about his workspace, the “Orry room,” where his “digital demise” is painstakingly planned. The charming socialite embraces the challenge and realizes that he will eventually tumble.


The timing is crucial

Orhan maintains the suspense when asked how soon this planned fall will occur, responding, “Very soon.” We’re holding out for the ideal concept.” There’s growing suspense as he teases a well-planned retreat from the spotlight.

Unexpected Connection with Deepika: He makes a playful allusion to Deepika Padukone from the episode starring Ranveer and Deepika, deviating from the standard Koffee with Karan script. Declaring in jest, “I’ve never wanted to identify with Deepika Padukone. Please don’t relate to me, DP. I love you,” he says, bringing some comedy into the exchange.

Fans are eagerly anticipating his next move in Bollywood and beyond as his mysterious persona continues to garner notice. His performance on Koffee With Karan 8 marked a remarkable and interesting ending.

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