Jisoo, a member of BLACKPINK, has announced the official launch of her own agency, BLISSOO. Along with revealing this big career move, the 29-year-old singer unveiled the official website for her recently launched label. On February 21, the information was made public on social media by Jisoo News on X (formerly Twitter).

Blissoo’s Vision and Mission: Fostering Joy, Creativity, and Uniqueness

According to founder Kim Jisoo, BLISSOO is dedicated to promoting happiness, encouraging creativity, and valuing individuality. The organization wants to empower people via retail, music, and other projects. The intention is to establish a community in which all members experience inspiration, support, and value as they grow together on a path full of possibilities and joy.



Creating Communities Through Art: Jisoo’s Distinctive Charm

Motivated by Jisoo’s passion for creativity and interpersonal relationships, her company seeks to create a community in which people can prosper. The agency acknowledges Jisoo’s distinct charm and details how she has developed into a versatile artist who still enthralls a lot of people today.

With its unique appearances and boundless attractions, BLISSOO promises to be a unique destination akin to a present box carrying Jisoo’s complete delight. Fans should cherish every second they spend with Jisoo and her company as a unique and significant occasion.

Fans of BLACKPINK are excited about Jisoo’s solo endeavor, and BLISSOO promises to be a place of happiness, originality, and expressive freedom—adding yet another element to the numerous abilities of this K-pop sensation.

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