LaLisa Manoban from BLACKPINK ended speculations on February 8 by revealing her latest endeavor on Instagram with a mysterious post. The K-pop sensation and Thai rapper LLOUD announced the launch of her own record label.

Lisa’s Vision Revealed

Lisa revealed LLOUD to the public via her Instagram account, @lalalalisa_m, reaffirming that the label will serve as the vehicle for her creative vision in music and entertainment endeavors. She urged her fans to go on an exciting adventure with her as she broke past new barriers in her caption.

The artistic mission of LLOUD is to create unique artistic experiences that transcend genres and bridge generations, as stated on the platform’s official website. With a focus on artist management, the label aims to produce a wide variety of works that enthrall viewers in ways that go beyond traditional limits.

Following Jennie’s Lead

The announcement comes just after her bandmate Jennie’s November 2023 debut of OA. Each member of BLACKPINK is pursuing their own artistic endeavors, broadening their horizons beyond group collaborations.

MTV Award-Winning Solo Artist: Manoban is a member of the four-piece BLACKPINK band, is the very first female K-pop solo artist to win the Best K-pop Artist title at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards for her music video .


BLACKPINK is still regarded as the most well-liked girl band in Korea and has left a lasting impression on the international music world.

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